Welcome to Witchin’ History

Celebrating women from history and myth in all her glorious forms!

The term “witch” has been used to cast out (see what I did there?) women from the bosom of society and throw her to the fringes of community where she is deemed as Other. Her “Otherness” has often been viewed through a narrow lens and her narrative has been lost by a wash of (often male) voices. How many women throughout time have been silenced? How many of their stories have changed? How many have been portrayed unfairly or inaccurately? How many have caused the demise of a man, a great empire, or even threatened the human race (I’m looking at you Eve) through their own selfish desires?

“Witch” is a powerful word. Just say it now. Take a moment to think about all of the images you conjure (I can’t help it OK) when you think of the term “witch”. The word itself has become synonymous with feminine descriptors and adjectives but let’s take a peek at her in a new light. Let’s embrace all of her.

She may have been vilified and feared, worshipped and loved but no matter the label she bears, she has made her mark.